Let’s take a selfie

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More about this series

This four week series is all about God! In this “Selfie” generation we live in, everything has become about us and our likes and desires. We get told to live for ourselves and to do whatever makes us happy. Through this series our hope is that kids will understand that the story is not about us – it never has been and it never will be. Our role in the story is to reflect God in every way possible! The only thing that should be seen in our “selfie” is Jesus because we should be living our lives in such a way as to reflect Him and make Him the centre of attention.

Series Resource

Each series comes with its very own resource booklet. This booklet outlays lesson and activity plans for different age groups for the duration of the series. Feel free to download this booklet and edit it to best serve your kids ministry.

Series Media

Each series is communicated in a fun and exciting way thanks to our Uptown creative geniuses! Feel free to download all our media and edit it to best serve your kids ministry.
Download series media Download series pdf


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Our new curriculum Roadtrip is now ready for you to download and this time we have added all the templates outlined in the curriculum !!!

This five week series follows the life of Paul and all his adventures! We’ve called this series “Road Trip” because on every road trip there are both ups and downs. There is an ultimate destination on any road trip but it takes the right tools and the right vehicle to get there safely.



The Challenge

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On Sunday 10th May, we start our new series #theChallenge. This series is all about the lessons that Jesus taught His followers while He was here on earth. Every lesson is still vital for all of us in our Christian walk today and our aim is for kids to understand what these teachings mean to them in their own individual situations.